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Inspection of Turbine Dove Tails.

Advantages of utilizing Eddy Current Array:

  • ECA is ideal for surface breaking cracks.

  • Custom shaped to specific dovetail profiles, designed to target your specific “hot spots” or entire dovetail profile.

  • Minimal surface preparation required.

  • Rapid, single-pass encoded scan of regions of interest.

  • No harsh chemicals or hazardous waste as with traditional methods.

  • Easy interpretation with C-scan imaging.

  • Full computerized data recording and archiving capabilities.

Inspection of Gear Teeth.

Advantages for using Eddy Current Array for mill/kiln girth gear tooth examination:

  • Drastically reduces the examination time. 

  • Minimal pre-cleaning and surface preparation.

  • Covers a large area in one single pass.

  • Provides real-time imaging of the gear teeth, facilitating efficient data analysis.

  • Improves probability of detection (POD).

  • Very useful practice for continuous monitoring program.

  • Examination results may then be used by qualified personnel or organizations to assess probability of failure.

ECA Gear Tooth resized (1)
Phased Array Gear Tooth Inspection
PAUT Gear Tooth

ECA in Lieu of Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant.

Advantages of using Eddy Current Array:

  • ECA is ideal for surface breaking cracks.

  • Minimal surface preparation required, contributing to process speed and cost-effectiveness.

  • Can be used on in-service pipelines or prior to commissioning.

  • Rapidly inspects large surface areas in a single pass.

  • Provides permanent record of the scan data.

  • Easy data analysis due to color coded C-scans and 3D imaging.

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